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Home remedies for thrush

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Looking for advice

I think it’s thrush I’ve had now twice this year.

I’m too shy to go to the doctors and now can’t because of COVID19.

I keep as clean as possible and never use soap down there but was wondering if there were any home remedies that you ladies have found help ?

It’s not really bad thrush, just slightly red.

Would just like to add I have an incredibly low immune system and was meant to be having tonsillectomy this month as well as a scan to see if I have endometriosis.

Wondering if they may be contributing

Would appreciate any tips

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I don`t have any tips as i have the same problem . I hope it gets sorted . I also feel like you about going to the doctors. I feel so embarrassed keep going for swabs etc .

I hope it soon goes

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Remi5000 in reply to Mia898

Thank you.

I’ve been using ph balanced wipes and wash by Femfresh and that’s helped massively just over night

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Mia898 in reply to Remi5000

Thank you I will give that ago . Also cotton clothes can help if you didn't know that?

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Cooper27 in reply to Remi5000

Most gynaecologists will wince if they hear you use femfresh and wipes... The vagina is self cleaning and if you use washes, you upset the pH balance of the vagina, making you more likely to develop vaginal issues like thrush.

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Remi5000 in reply to Cooper27

What should I use ?

There is very minimal discharge.

The wipes have helped massively since using this morning 😬.

There’s not really any itchiness and the redness and almost gone.

Just slightly uncomfortable now

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Cooper27 in reply to Remi5000

They say to just use water and emulsifying ointment, although you can use watered down emulsifying ointment, which is a waxy ointment you can buy from the pharmacy.

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Remi5000 in reply to Cooper27

Ah okay, thank you 😊.

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Remi5000 in reply to Cooper27

Maybe just found the issue....?

I think I may have found either a tiny tear or a cut. I haven’t been itching or touching.

Could this have caused the issue ?

I do have very minimal white ish discharge.

Nothing clumpy or smelly and like I said, it’s minimal.

Also how would I treat that besides washing with water ?

So hard when you don’t have a doctor to consult...

I did remove the hair down there as I can’t stand hair and I am sexually active (with the same partner for over 2 years)

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Cooper27 in reply to Remi5000

I'm not sure. You can disinfect cuts with saltwater (mixing a tablespoon of salt with a mug of boiling water, letting it cool, then dabbing on the cut), I can't imagine that would cause any harm so long as you use a small amount on the cut only. I think you'd just have to watch it to see if it gets worse or better.

Maybe avoid hair removal until it heals too. Hair removal could be how you tote the skin, but they say removing it increases risk of yeast/bacterial infections too, so giving it a break can't hurt.

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Remi5000 in reply to Cooper27

Yeah, I don’t think I could remove the hair at the minute ...

Researching it, a lot of women use sudocreme which aslong as I doesn’t do internal (obviously) it’s safe.

Probably do a mixture of that and salt water

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Cooper27 in reply to Remi5000

Just be careful, anything applied externally can make its way internally too - I was told to stop using shampoo and conditioner in the shower, in case that was washing down my body & working it's way in.

I suppose you can try it, just be careful :)

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Remi5000 in reply to Cooper27

Thankfully because my hairs so long and thick, I can’t wash it in the shower haha.

But I’ll definitely be more careful with body wash in the shower.

Not something I ever thought of really

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Cooper27 in reply to Remi5000

You only need to worry about it if you get eczema really - most people don't have to be so careful :)

Are you getting discharge?

If no discharge, could you be mistaking eczema for thrush? That would cause redness and itching too, but would be made worse by continued thrush treatments. It could be worth moisturising with coconut oil or emulsifying ointment (not vaginal moisturisers, they have fragrances that could make eczema worse).

Doctors are not always great when it comes to thrush. I've found that some of them see what they want to see when they examine you, and even if they don't see it, they'll prescribe a treatment on the basis it won't make the issue worse...

Buy Multi Gyn Floral plus on amazon. It’s like a neutralising gel that helps balance out the pH of your vagina. You can also add a little bit of the gel around the outside, your vulva and other areas that are sore and itchy.

Amazing stuff ! I use it just to keep my bacteria in good balance even though I don’t get thrush now. Do it at night when you’re about to lie down for eight hours and go to sleep. It does sting a little bit but nothing too bad.

In the pack you get 5single use tubes and it treats Thursh.

It is a god send. Good luck xx

Try like a v wash?

Thanks guys, all good now !

Just got the tablet and it cleared in 24 hours

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