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Anyone take Armour Thyroid

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I was diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism by my OBGYN due to my tsh being 4.12 and my husband and I wanting to start a family. I would routinely go to the same lab to have my TSH checked. My TSH was routinely over 4.0 so she prescribed armour thyroid starting at 15mg and then over the course of two weeks working up to 30mg. About 1.5 weeks of taking the 30mg I started experiencing BAD side effects: heart palps, anxiety, loose bowels, intolerance to heat, insomnia, no appetite, nausea, etc. I called my doctor and we both agreed to stop the armour and do labs. Labs showed normal and within range results with tsh being at 3.5 (range .5-4.2) T4 1.3 (range .9-1.7) t3 3.1 (range 2.5- 4.3). So I have been off the medicine for awhile now and I t is now almost 5 months out from discontinuing armour and I still cannot sleep well. Has anyone experienced this with armour thyroid? Also, I now go to a different lab after my TSH being consistently high at the one lab— and these other labs (quest diagnostics and lab Corp) always say my TSH is around 2.5 when the other lab still says my TSH is high at 4.21 (I checked it once at the lab because I think there are lab errors) has anyone seen these inconsistencies with lab results?

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🙂You’d likely see similar discussions on a different group..Type Thyroid in the searchbox (above right)..

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