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Nitrofurantoin Antibiotics

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I have been prescribed the Prolonged - released capsules but after reading the side affects I’m a bit scared if stating the treatment even though I know the Bladder infection needs treatment. Has anybody taken these Antibiotics, and were they ok with them ?

I have to take them for a week, 14 in pack, 2 a day. 100 mg

4 Replies
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My husband takes 1 50mg tablet per day and has been on them for over a year as his bladder problems start up again as soon as he stops the tablets. He hasnt had any side effects. Hope this helps.June

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I was prescribed these recently, and like you was nervous to take them after reading all the side effects, which isn't really like me, but since my diagnosis I am more cautious about what I'm taking. I did take them but only for 3 days and then bought the D Mannose that PMRPro suggested in a post and contined with those for a week and it all seemed to clear up. I guess if you have a bad infection there may not be much choice though. You need to get that cleared up as it's miserable for you.

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Thank you everybody who replied to me. I feel a bit more confident now. 👍🙂

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Tamm5 in reply to Lmsp22

I was prescribed these yesterday for spitting in between periods that will not stop. She said it may be an infection or the Covid vaccine buggered my Hormones so may need a tablet to balance them back out. The problem is I have taken 2 of the tablets and have started to get intermittent chest pain so scared to take my next which is due now anyone else had this

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