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Long cycles- period stopped

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My cycles are usually 28-34 days, however my last cycle was 54 days and currently I’m on day 72 of the current cycle with no sign of my period - other than a little spotting on the day it was due.

I’m 35, not pregnant, not on any pill and the only thing different is that I had the Covid vaccine in March - I’ve read about periods being heavier, longer etc but not about them stopping or cycles being this long.

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced similar- vaccine related or not?

I have an appointment with the gynecologist on Wednesday, but feeling a bit anxious about it all.

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Hi, mine have gone really wonky since my 2 covid jabs. 2 were a week late and 1 was a week early. Like you the only thing different was covid jab. This month I am pretty sure I ovulated on day 22 and I normally do on day 14 so looks like its going to be a week late this month too x

This happened to me. I have irregular and very heavy periods cycle around 45 days ish. My cycle after 2nd covid jab was 85days long!

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Knic in reply to Leesa

Wow!!! Have they regulated now? x

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I've only had that cycle since Jabs. And now no way of knowing as I'm having an ablation, which was already arranged.

I've always had very heavy irregular periods. Had my 1st jab and then a normal period soon after. Following period was light for me and cycle slightly longer than normal.

This last cycle although longer, bleeding was back to v heavy

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