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How long does it take for hormones to balance themselves out after giving birth? as i feel like this also may be contributing to me feeling dizzy etc

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It can vary depending on your situation, I think it takes a while for your stress levels to adjust to feedings, for nutrients to build up again, that sort of thing.

I think I heard someone say you can help by taking some post-natal vitamins, because they help balance hormones too. I also don't know if your doctor has done a thyroid panel? That can sometimes go off kilter after pregnancy.

Hopefully someone with kids will pop along to say their own experience!

I would ask for a full iron panel along with other nutrients. Pull your lower eyelid down & see if it's pale..that's one sign of low iron along with heavy periods & losing blood giving birth. Also get your hormones checked with an endocrinologist if you don't find answers with the iron.Good Luck

Personally I think women should allow a full year for recovery. For me, recovery is not having any side effects from childbirth and mentally feeling recovered. Ive had 2 children and I still feel like I’m not fully recovered from the 1st, I lost a lot of blood and should have had a transfusion but the hospitals guesstimate of blood loss was far under what actually happened. This was 10 years ago and since then I’ve been anaemic/borderline anaemic and always have issues with iron when I never had any issues before. My Gp seems content to keep me borderline but I find i’m very quick to slip back into anaemia which leaves me tired, and with the tiredness comes dizziness. It’s possible that’s it’s hormonal if it isn’t vitamin/nutrient related so it’s worth checking with your GP.

I’ve also found anxiety can cause dizziness, I had a lot of anxiety after my babies were born and found I got really dizzy the more anxious I became. These days I tend to have a couple of dizzy days around the same time each month so I imagine these are hormone related!

I hope you find a cause and manage to get on top of it xx

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