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Why do I have such bad and painful constipation?

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Just thought I’d post this to see if anyone can relate or might know what is causing this issue. I’m very skinny and find it difficult to put on weight just to clarify - but every meal I have must sit in my system for days to weeks as I never pass stools as a normal person should. When I finally have the urge to go to the toilet, I sit down and get such a terrible pain (similar to appendicitis) that I faint or feel faint and start sweating and struggle to actually go to the toilet due to this. Even then, sometimes the urge goes and I remain constipated for a couple more days.

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Have you seen a doctor, I had this after a stay in hospital, my doctor suggested using olive oil to help. I eat liquorice every day, I also eat fruit and drink fruit juice. I have had no problems since. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

I’m already seeing multiple doctors to try and solve issues I had over a year ago (and it’s still ongoing) so haven’t had a chance to bring this up on top of that (as you can see in my old posts). I’ve tried drinking more orange juice but no difference yet!

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I had problems with constipation which ended up causing bleeding, and I had to have a Colonoscopy.Fortunately nothing sinister was found, but I was told to make sure I drank enough water in future, and eat enough fibre.

Now, I eat lots of salad and I add oily dressing, which seems to help. Also, prior to breakfast I drink a large cup of hot water..for some reason that has also been helpful.

Eat the best you can..no processed foods. Lots of fruits & veggies! Lentil soup & beans help. Research which foods help you go. But most of all take magnesium to bowel tolerance, it works!! If you get tested ask for the RBC Magnesium Test not to be confused with the regular rbc blood test. This tests in your cells where it matters. I use several different kinds & one is powdered Bulk Supplements Magnesium Glycinate. Taste lousy but just chase it with something. Also drink lots of water & maybe take electrolytes, they all work together in your body. If you can grow some of your own food!!

I swear by probiotics, little miracle workers.

Hi bit jealous of you not being able to put on weight!Drink plenty of water and avoid processed food. You dont say your age? Worrying doesn't help it can make you thin with anxiety. Diet is important regular meals too

If you have tried all this go for a check up.

I just had the same issue because of an Operation. I didn't poop for 6 days.My Doctor prescribed Laxido, a powder to mix with water. I also used a suppository, when i could pop it in my bottom. I was also told to eat fruit, vegetables and drink plenty of water. I went normally today for the first time. I hope you get this sorted 👌xx

Sorry ive just read your previous posts. You say you are 17. Try healthy regular diet and drink water. Avoid processed foods. Are you cooking your own meals? Anxiety can make you thin so try not to over think about things. Make time to relax more too.

I have been on Dulcolax for years. On top of that try to drink one table spoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the morning, eat kiwi fruit, add chili peppers to your cooking. Also drinking in the morning a mug of hot water with lemon, ginger and honey helps. Try to avoid cheese.... xx

Teff porridge, Yakult, dandelion root tea (chicory might work, too), flax seed, broccoli sprouts.

Smoothies are better than juice since you are getting more fiber.

I make broccoli sprout smoothies (20 g sprouts in 180 mL water) separate from my fruit and greens smoothies since the broccoli sprouts taste so bad I have to drink it really fast. For the fruit and greens smoothies I put in flax seeds, frozen and fresh fruit (often including a lemon wedge with peel removed) and usually some kale, sweeten with stevia.

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