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Hi everybody! I just want to mention that today I have had my second coronavirus injection! I was and still am a bit nervous about any after effects or symptoms the vaccine can give you. Has anyone here had the second jab yet?? Let me know I would really appreciate to hear from you and know how you felt etc! Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks 🙏

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I’ve had my second jab and had precisely zero side effects! Didn’t even know I had had it! You will be fine x

I had my second my second jabs weeks ago just an aching muscle where the injection was and not for long either. The first jab my arm ached for a good week, no other side affects.

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🙂 I was ok, barely a sore arm after each dose of Astra Zeneca..

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My son had his second jab a few weeks ago - he’s under 30 and had Oxford one. He had quite few side effects with the first but only mild headache with the second - he found it went away with paracetamol. I watched him like a hawke and can honestly say he was fine. I’m sure you will be too 😊

Had my second last week and had no side effects . I had a painful arm after the first but nothing after this one.

I’ve had my second one and other than a sore arm about 18 hours later I started to feel achy , have the chills, and a low grade fever that lasted about 12 hours then it was gone.

Hi, side effects are completely normal! In my home town i have been administering the vaccines to my community. The only side effects you should be concerned about is an allergic reaction within the 15 mins after the injection. If you do have any side affects, paracetamol and fluids will do the job ☺️☺️☺️

Yes and no side effects.Hope we have cheered you up.

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