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Perimenopause Anxiety Anyone?



Does anyone have anxiety that has come on since being perimenopausal? I am 51 and have recently changed from pill to patch so was wondering if it’s this. I have never experienced anything like this so it’s a big and bad surprise!

Thanks in advance

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Hello, am 49 and peri menopausal but my only symptoms so far are hot flushes. Great for the winter but awful in summer. I think it affects people in different ways. Am on HRT gel which is meant to be kinder. Maybe speak to your GP about the different options. I’ve never dealt with anxiety, though everyone feels anxious at some point in there lives. If there’s a clear link to menopause or HRT patch, I’d def seek medical advice. Hope it’s resolved soon🙂

Hi there I’m neArly 50 and last year started having bad anxiety with really high heart rate which scared me more also have severe muscle pain , tendinitis , fatigue , insomnia and exercise intolerance I used to be very fit x

MrsBoilie in reply to Pansy2

Oh I know the feeling of the muscle pain and tendonitis. You sound very similar to me. Have you tried a good CBD oil? It’s really helped me with my pain. Hope you feel better soon. Xx

Pansy2 in reply to MrsBoilie

I’m on antidepressants !! Will look into the oil thankyou x

Yes!! Terrible health related anxiety here. I’m sorry you’re struggling.

How do u kno if u have to much of one hormones being produced ?

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