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Contraception recommendations

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I’m really sensitive to contraceptive pills and they all make me bleed frequently. I don’t want to deal with it anymore. Does anyone have any knowledge on how to make the irregular bleeding/spotting stop or a method that they found to be good and cause no bleeding?

(I can’t take the combined pill or any method with the same two hormones due to migraines)

Thank you in advance!

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(Forgot to mention that I am currently on Noriday mini pill where I experience 1 week bleeding and 1 week not bleeding and I’ve already tried desogestrel/cerazette which didn’t work for me due to constant heavy bleeding)

Contraception is a nightmare and it hacks me off that the expectation is always on the woman to take the responsibility! Anyway that's my feminism rant for the day....

I found the minipill gave me heavy/long/irregular bleeds and the rod turned me into a mad woman (I had such an extreme personality change I nearly lost my job).

The only contraception I've found that stopped my bleeds was the marina coil but I'm not sure if the hormones will be okay for you - that's a gp question.

Because I've had breast cancer I can no longer use hormonal contraception so I currently have a copper coil and, while I still have a regular bleed, I'm not having any problems relating to it. It's known to cause extended/heavy bleeding but my periods are 7 or 8 days and pretty light.

Not sure if that's any help to you, sorry.

Thanks so much for your reply.

My doctor has recently recommended the coil to me and it’s the only method I’m really considering at the minute and I’ve heard plenty of good experiences on it. The only thing I’m worried about is the pain of getting it inserted. Did you find it okay & does it stay in place etc? Thanks so much for your advice!

Hi charlamagner0 - there’s a range of coils available, the copper which contains 0 hormones and the mirena, kyleena and Jaydess - they all contain levogonestrel, Jaydess has the least and it’s apparently in much lower quantities than pills. There’s also implants and patches but many women have great success with the coils for problem bleeding.

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charlamagner0 in reply to Jamima

Thanks so much for your suggestions. I’m thinking the coil might be a good option for me!

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Jamima in reply to charlamagner0

Lots of women with bleeding issues find it a godsend. If you’ve not had children, the Jaydess is a better option as it’s smaller and easier to fit, lowest hormone level too. Good luck.

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Oh I didn’t know there was a smaller kind thank you! I’ll mention that to my doc ❤️

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Jamima in reply to charlamagner0

Yes, Jaydess was developed for women who haven’t given birth.

Might be worth trying the copper IUD? It has no hormones in it. Some women find it makes their periods heavier/more painful, but many find it's fine.

I’m really swaying towards this option now, I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for your advice!!❤️

Hey, just wondering if you've had any luck with the coil? I'm debating getting the copper coil but heard horror stories and really worried about it. But I'm hoping that 7 months on, maybe you've had a good experience... X

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