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Bleeding during sex


Had endometrial ablation May 2019 along with lots of other tests and smear due to occasional spotting between periods. Since the ablation I know roughly when my period is due due to breast pain and I get one but very light. Normally it is having sex that kicks this off. Last Friday 15th after quite vigorous sex I had mild red bleeding then for 3-4 days after light pink / brown discharge which is normally what my period is like now (period was due Monday 18th), sex on 19th slight brown discharge. Everything had stopped by Wednesday but sex last night 22nd and red blood during. TMI but I was on top and slightly vigorous.

Problem is I'm such a worrier & suffer with health anxiety and now this is all that's in my head and I'm back to thinking how I was a year ago that it's something sinister and terrible.

FYI sex the Tuesday before 22nd and previously no bleeding.

Reassurance needed for a stupid panicky person.

Thank you whoever takes the time to answer

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🤔 Talk with a doctor any time postcoital bleeding is severe, frequent, or continues for more than a few hours after intercourse.

Also speak with a doctor if postcoital bleeding is accompanied by additional symptoms, including:

vaginal burning or itching

abnormal discharge

intense abdominal pain

nausea, vomiting, or lack of appetite

stinging or burning when urinating or during intercourse

lower back pain

unexplained fatigue and weakness

headaches or lightheadedness

abnormally pale skin

bladder or bowel symptoms

Recently Happened With Us After Period Fully Finish We Had Sex And Trying For Baby After Sex Later My Very Lights Color Symptom Noticed It’s Happened Recently Tow Time Last Month It Was Happened 3 Days After When We Had Intercourse...Now She Is Worrying About This Why It’s Happening Is There Any Serious Prob She Have Please Advice Us Thanks

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