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Changing conception pill

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I’m on Rigevidon 0.30g pill atm, I have some issues with after sex intercourse, that I get irregular bleeding every time. Been tested, all cleared, been cancer screened, all clear. Had scans, nothing wrong. Had colposcopy, taken but of tissue on the cervix, been tested, all clear.

So basically there’s nothing wrong but it’s not normal and soo annoying! Doctor thinks it’s do with conception pill Rigevidon has low oestrogen and they saying I need high oestrogen pill.

This morning been to doctors and been given different pill called Norimin which has 0.35g and see how I get on with this one.

Just want to know if any ladies who’s on Norimin, and want to know any issue or pro/cons about it.

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How have you been getting on with norimin? I’m

On Rigevidon and having breakthrough bleed so was wanting to change to norimin

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EDJ23 in reply to Shel12

Hello, I been on 2 months so far and I’m very happy with it, no bleeding at all. The only one thing that happened to me, on 7 day breaks (had twice 7 day break) kept having headaches, high temp, light headed n bit tired. So today I popped into doctors to check up with BP, and the nurse is happy with me and I did mentioned bout side effects and she said that’s fine the only thing they want to know is flash lights which I didn’t have.

Theres a issue about Norimin tablets, ive been given prescription a years worth of tablets but they only have two months worth! They said something bout Brexit or something that hard to order atm! So I’m waiting for a call in future for Norimin when they in stock x

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Shel12 in reply to EDJ23

Thanks for your reply. Ohh no! I hope it doesn’t go out of stock


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Courtney420 in reply to EDJ23

How are you finding it ?

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EDJ23 in reply to Courtney420

Gosh it’s been two years! Haha I’m on Lizinna now. They okay but still getting a bleed few days after sex. And bleed for long time until my period break! Doctors thinks there a skin irritation on my cervix wall. I had two appointments that had skin crystallised. And doesn’t work to stop the bleed from skin irration.

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