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Blood after stool


I know.. TMI! But I just wanna see if anyone has experienced this. I’m 19 w/ a past of anal fissures. Recently after several months w/ out having one. I had a bowel movement and blood started dripping after my stool. My stool was a little loose. I started panicking but gathered myself and calmed down. I went to lay down for about 15min and my stomach still felt weird bc I didn’t finish so I went back to the restroom, finished and there was just a streak of blood in the toilet, so that made me feel better. Then after, i used the restroom to urinate twice. When ever I wiped my bum, there was still a little blood on the toilet paper. Has anyone experienced this or know if I should be worried? I have a bad case of hypochondria so I’m trying to not have a panic attack.

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If you suffer from Hypochondria, wouldn’t it be better to have this blood loss checked out by a doctor🤔 It pays in the long run to have peace of mind 🙂xB

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Im a hypochondriac terrified of doctors and hospitals. It’s a great mix lol. I changed my diet and im fine now. I’ll get a physical soon thoufh

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