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So for the past 3/4 months I’ve been having random attacks of dizziness where I nearly faint, my whole body sort of feels numb, I go extremely dizzy and lightheaded and it’s lasts a minute or so and then disappears. This has been happening 1 or 2 times a week. It happens always when I’m standing and never when I’m sat down. I’ve had a blood test and an ECG which both came back fine.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

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So what's your doctor doing next?

Have you been refered to a Specialist?

I have to have a 24 hour ECG to see if they can pick up a time when I’m going to faint, which I think is unlikely as it happens at random points and doesn’t occur every day. But that’s the next step. Still waiting to hear about that and it’s been 2 weeks or so.

There are so many things it can be, but something you might want to get checked are your ears. Your equilibrium could be off, which is what can cause dizziness. Have you checked your iron levels? Are you anxious when the dizzy spells happen? Start with the ears and if it continues, I would try to get to the bottom of it. I get dizzy quite often from being iron and vitamin b12 deficient, so I know the feeling! Feel better!!

They tend to happen randomly for no apparent reason, my iron and b12 was fine in my blood test. But other than that, I don’t know what it could be!

I’m an RN, agree with the above!!

Do you know what your sodium level was in your blood tests?

No I don’t know what my results were as I didn’t have a copy of them. But the doctor assured me everything was normal

It's helpful to obtain a print out of all your blood tests results. Then you can see where about on the 'normal' range your results are.

Sometimes we are told "normal " - but there is more to it than that.

Sometimes "normal " range doesn't apply. For example in testing for TSH - the therapeutic level in someone with Hypothyroidism is very low down on the "normal" range.

There are different opinions on B12 levels also. If my B12 levels were low down on the normal range then I would want Folate tested also - and I would be asking for testing to eliminate Pernicious Anemia. xx🐥

I wonder if it would be worth giving Epilepsy Action a call? See if they can give you an idea of tests/investigations you could ask doctor about. There is a Freephone helpline:

0808 800 5050

I don’t know if epilepsy is something that can come on randomly though is it? And with it only occurring once a week or so?


Epilepsy most certainly is random.

But I didn't mean to ask if it may be Epilepsy. The only people who could diagnose would be the medical profession following adequate investigations.

Though there might be someone who you could talk your symptoms through with - and see if they have any suggestions you might like to consider. Tests you could ask for.

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