Hey! a while I got tested for gluten, wheat intolerance and also Celiac. They came came back negative so I got told I suffered with IBS and to take buscopan. It does help with the pain but at times I can be constipated for up to 3 weeks at a time and look like I'm pregnant with how bloated I get. It's been really playing up these past 2 months and I can't eat anything without getting stomach pain. I've been given Laxido sachets to help with going to the toilet but it's really effecting me now as I just feel so frumpy and everything else that comes with it. Have you guys got any advice on what to do? Thanks in advance!:)

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  • Hi I had all the tests for gluten etc and they came back negative but was told you could be gluten sensitive anyway so I've been gluten free we'll have cheated a little as its soooo expensive and so feel less bloated I also have other chronic illnesses too I also take aloe gel and a good probiotic daily and this helps to get rid of toxins but I know where your coming from looking pregnant I'm only 8st and my kids keep saying mum when's your baby due it's not funny anymore xx

  • Thanks for your reply :) I've been recommended to take peppermint oil tablets for the bloating so I shall let you know how that goes and hopefully you'll find something help reduce the bloating. I just feel so unhappy with it all because I'm limited at work to what I can eat and what doesn't agree with me especially when I forget my lunch! I think I'm going to do a trial and error with it all Tbh xx

  • Try not to eat bread that is terrible for bloating there's some lovely gluten free crispbread in Asda xx

  • I try not to, it also kills me when I eat rice too. It's just making me go off food because whenever I do eat starchy foods such as them, I'm in such pain xx

  • I kno what u mean u end up eating nothing then starving 😊😊and eat everything in sight 😂😂😂

  • Exactly. 😂

  • Have you tried avoiding milk for a few days see if it helps? One of the symptoms of milk intolerance is bloating. Butter and cheese may be ok though.

    When going gluten free you have to be very aware of food labels! They put it in the weirdest of food products, read everything you buy ( no offense meant if you are already meticulous!)

  • I don't think I could cope without my coffees! It would kill me. 😂

  • There are lots of alternatives :) Almond, hazlenut, oat etc milks (not soya though)

  • I tested negative for Gluten Intolerance but am still inclined to get bloated. Too much bread and cake seems to do this to me. Going totally Gluten Free is very hard, I'm told it's worthwhile but really challenging😕 Cross contamination is so easy, it means having to have a separate toaster and being scrupulously vigilant when eating out, that's just basics.😏xB

  • I have thought about it but with my working hours etc it's just hard to get a good diet especially when I work in an office. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow so I'll have to see what's said.

  • hi lauren, have you thought of trying a low fodmap diet for ibs? It can also help with anxiety and depression.  Just a thought 

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