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Back pain

Hey, I am a professional dancer and had to pause practicing it for a while due to personal reasons.

Last week, I started to practice again. I experienced severe lower back pain after practicing. I ignored the pain and continued practicing it for about two days more. But, the pain is becoming severe and I cannot tolerate the pain anymore.

I am planning to undergo a back injury treatment from Toronto( optimalrehab.org/chiropract... ) next week. Is there anybody over here who has undergone a chiropractic process before?

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I’m seeing a chiropractor for my lower back. I have a small protruding disc. Something as simple as sneezing will push the disc onto a nerve and make me fall. Last time when it happened, I couldn’t walk for 3 days afterwards. Going to the chiropractor and getting it adjusted has helped a lot.


Hi grrenjoan567. I love dancing too! That is wonderful that you dance professionally! Please be very careful with your back unless you have an MRI and or x-rays before attempting chiropractic care. Before any sort of treatment begins a good chiropractor will state that he will not touch you unless you have thorough diagnostics to determine exactly what is wrong. Most chiropractors have digital x-ray equipment in their offices, or they will send you out to an imaging center for radiographs. A new injury with escalating pain could be a ruptured disk and require surgery, or it could just be tight muscles pulling vertebrae out of alignment. Without diagnostics, there's no way to determine exactly what the injury. A chiropractor can cause permanent damage to your back, neck or head, or even paralyze a patient in extreme cases if there are no diagnostics identifying the exact cause of the pain.

I've seen chiropractors off and on in different cities and areas. I have had several hurt me. This was long before it was common or standard to get x-rays or MRI before being treated. Without x-rays it was several chiropractors guesses as to what was wrong. Now I would never let one touch me unless I've had diagnostics first, and specifically not if I had a new injury or new symptoms in an old injury.

I hope it's nothing serious, is easily fixable, that you recover quickly and are back to dancing very soon!




Totally agree with comments below, please do not sign up to any form of back treatment until you have an MRI scan. It is so important that your injury is diagnosed properly and exact injured disc/ area is confirmed.

Having had back surgery I have had personal experience of mis diagnosis.

In the mean time you will need to get a strong painkiller from your GP - tramadol together with ibuprofen will really help until you get scan.


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