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Chronic Period Pain

Hello, I'm 21 years old and I got my first period when I was 11. I've had constant chronic pain while menstruating since that age. I've tried paracetamol, ibuprofen, mefenamic acid but nothing cuts through the pain (heat pads do but as soon as I take the heat off the pain comes back), so I struggle to sleep, do uni work, have a life basically. The nurse at my clinic told me to take my pills back to back for 3 months then have a week break to bleed, but I'm still in so much pain, I also had a swab done for chlamydia and gonorrhea (I've had this pain since I was 11 so surely these should come back negative). Has anyone else out there suffered like me, and is there anything you could suggest I try next. Thank you in advance

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I'm no expert but what you're describing sounds a bit like endometriosis to me. I would return to your gp and request a referral to a gynaecologist. Haver you ever had a trans vaginal scan to check your lining? Sometimes a scrape (called a d&c) can relieve the problem. In the meantime I find tens machines are brilliant for all sorts of pains. You can get them from any pharmacy, but lloyds chemists are very good.


No I haven't, they said if the swab came back clear they would have to do an internal exam. I was due the results yesterday via text but got nothing so I'm assuming it was clear. I'm going back to the clinic in 3 months for another batch of bc, so I'll discuss it with them then. I've heard of a scrape, as one of my mums work colleges suffers with endometriosis. A tens machine would be my next option. Thank you for the advice

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I went thru exactly the same thing even at the same age of 11 and I missed loads of school for 3 years and painkillers wouldn't touch it. I'm nearly 42 now. I later found out I had a bulky uterus and had cervical cautery but I don't think that the latter was really related to this area.

It's a hormonal imbalance but they didn't tell me that the time. GP simply recommended that I go on the pill which I did for many years which helped and they told me once I had a baby it would settle but I never did. I've since heard that for many ladies this doesn't happen it gets worse anyway with hormones and things.

Anyway I wasn't informed about taking the pill for such a long period of time and at a young age in that it can actually mess with your natural hormones which I think is caused me problems with an early menopause and severe menopausal symptoms. Therefore I wanted to share the very long journey as a whole rather than just address one issue. If you do decide to go down the pill route I think you investigate it through yourself and don't just accept what the doctors tell you.

However the pill did give me my life back for many years and when I came off it the pain did return although as I got older that settled down a little bit but I did start Menopause at a very young age of 31. Also when I came off the pill and went on and off it it caused me problems with hormones in other ways.

I studied a bit into this area now myself to try and get support with my menopausal problems and realised the things over the years I was not told. However my guess is that it shows a high oestrogen to progesterone ratio. Not so good if you want to have children but I guess these things can be worked through by the grace of God. To give you an idea of some of the menopausal symptoms I was having multiple hot flashes a day\night and early menopause as well as severe insomnia that would last for days at a time without any relief.

Anyway I hope this helps somebody else as it's been a long journey. I hope you find answers and find something going forward that helps you. I tried all the things that you did. I think the only one that gave me any benefit but it was quite expensive at the time was Feminax.

Oh and long term coffee habit think really messed with my hormones etc too. Didn't find out till late either.

Do let us know how you get on, God bless x


The nurse at the clinic did suggest that I change my birth control pill as it could be because of the high amount of female hormone that is in it which is affecting the pain i'm having. I didn't start taking the pill till I was 17 so that could mean that a hormone imbalance is possible. Yes i get hot flashes during the night and sometimes during the day when I'm cramping its horrid especially in the summer. I'm hoping to get some answers when I next go to the clinic, in September. I managed to get some 400mg ibuprofen which I've taken before and they seemed to cut the pain

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Yes it's something to do with affecting the proglastins which can lower the pain. Keep us posted (:

I forgot to say I also had endometriosis ruled out by keyhole surgery investigation.


Jetstar21 have you went to see an OBGYN I know you are probably thinking thats just for babys but no I was like you and just this past February I had to have a parshal hysterectomy I was devastated but at the same time glad I did.


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