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29, mum of 2, suffering with depression


I have been suffering with depression for a year now and don’t feel any improvement with the medication I am on.

I’ve now resorted to wanting to go to sleep as soon as the children are in bed which I’ve read is due to wanting to escape.

I have no desire to meet friends anymore and the usual hobbies that I love.

Really do feel like I’m in a black hole and can’t get any happiness from anything. Please say things can get better? What else can I try?

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Are you seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist? My husband always feels better after talking to one for an hour. He takes paroxetine.


Sorry you are feeling so low. Sending virtual hugs...

Go back to the doctor and tell them how you feeling - book a double appointment if you think you won’t have time to explain it all in 10 mins. They should be able to explore options of meds, therapy etc.

Don’t delay on getting help, you deserve to feel well. X


Hi One word, Meditation, if you google depression and meditation you find lots to read and even how the Mayo Clinic rates meditation as a very good tool for over coming depression along with a few top doctors you can read, but also have a read through it.

But I think you find it best to find a local group to teach you the art of meditation, once you get into it you can see your doctor about get yourself weaned of your drugs and then over time your be back to a drug free world and back to your old self and enjoying life.

Do hope this is what your looking for.



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