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Could I be pregnant???

Hi everyone! My period is currently 5 days late. I got my last period on 11th feb and it finished the 15th! I had unprotected sex with my partner the day after I finished my period (16th feb). About a week and a half/two weeks later I really didn’t feel myself, I started feeling really tired etc and just not right at all so I did a home pregnancy test which came back negative I did another one a few days later (just to put my mind at ease) that also came back negative. So because of that I thought nothing else of the matter. However I have been getting cramps etc feeling bloated now and again and really tender breasts so I put that down to being due my period which still hasn’t came it was due on 11th March and my period is always very regular, after day 3 of my period being late I did another home pregnancy test (clear blue) which came back negative. I have also been having very mild head aches and have lost my appetite a little which just isn’t me at all. My period is now 5 days late! Have I tested to early??? Would really appreciate some advice 😭

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It is always a possibility. I’m no expert but sex immediately after a period is pretty much not going to get you pregnant as you need to ovulate and this usually happens mid cycle-ish (it’s usually 14 days before a period)

When I fell pregnant I tested positive very early on (pretty much as my period was due). I’d give it a few more days and test again. Try to relax as the stress of it can make your period late x


Hello Dear,

I don't think having sex a day after period ended is unsafe, but anything can still happen. If you are on pills and other contraceptives, being hormonal drugs, they can alter your hormones and mimick pregnancy symptoms.

Nevertheless, so far you have tested and the result is negative, I advice you just wait for your periods, or make a visit to your gynaecologist.

All the best dear.


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