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Am I pregnant

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I took a pregnancy test this morning and took 2 more in the after noon. The one I took this morning came back positive (clear blue) and the other 2 came back negative (clear blue) since then I took one again tonight and it came back negative. I’m confused and I know false positives are so rare but 3 negatives are very convincing that I’m not pregnant.

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Might be worth a trip to the doctor just for 100% certainty. I think they can do a blood test?

I'm thinking 3 negatives Vs 1 positive means not pregnant, but maybe you're really early days and it's confused it? I'm absolutely guessing with that.

It’s not possible to get a positive unless you have the pregnancy hormone…. Of course it’s stronger in the morning then gets weaker as the day goes on…. You may be really early…. I would leave it a couple more days and test again first thing in the morning x

It’s very unlikely to get a false positive so I’d say you are 😬


I did another this morning came back negative. Im going to leave it for a week and do another test.

I do not mind being pregnant just wasn‘t a planned pregnancy😁

Well, as the last two years have taught us, the tests are not accurate at all and very often give false positive results. You definitely should go to the doctors

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