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Weird aches and pains

Have u ladies ever gotten weird muscle aches that caused u to have to have a bowel movement? Well my upper right muscle started cramping and aching and i had pains to have a bowel movement as well! My arm was aching like ive been holding something real heavy for to long and all i was doing was sitting down and typing but it went away and so u know i have anxiety disorder i do have and always had problems having regular normal bowel movements and i am also pregnant! What could these aches and pains be? I've been staying calm and trying not to freak out because i will run straight to the emergency room in a heart beat i go so much that they know my name by heart as soon as i walk in lol smh

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I get the same thing! I’ll get aches in my arms, legs followed with twitching and was told it’s all my anxiety! Stress can cause inflammation I’ve read which can cause all those sensations! Try to just drink tons of water and relax take a bath with Epson salt if I can not sure what the rules are with being pregnant and baths! The more we think about it the worse it can get so try and not worry about it! (I know easier said than done)

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