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Abnormal Periods

Okay ladies I need help! To start off I have already made a drs appointment but they can’t get me in till November.

Okay to start off back in July I had my period once it was over with about a few days later I started to spot again. I found it very unusual. Then come August I didn’t even have a period! Yes yes I took a test because that was a possibility. But it came back NEGATIVE! Anyways then September comes around & I finally have my period started it late September. It lasted longer then usual, wasn’t heavy bleeding at all super light & medium. Then finally it’s over with! Then about 4 days later I started spotting! It’s started the gradually stopped then the it started up again. So here I am still almost getting into the middle of October and I’m still spotting. Super light pinkish almost! Idk what to do! Is it even safe for me to have sex with my partner anymore?

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Hey, are you on the contraceptive pill or anything? Last month my period didn’t come on the period break and took a test and it was negative also had blood done for other issues and that was also negative as the doctors looked as I have health anxiety. So this month my break again and it hasn’t come again and it’s very unlikely I am pregnant but will take a test end of this week when my break is over. But mine has been one day period very light bleeding, next month two periods basically in one and very heavy for the last year and i think stress and anxiety is making mine go all over the place. Yes it is safe as long as you use a condom till you go doctors. Have you also taken another test to check again for pregnancy?


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