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Wondering if anyone can offer any advice, I'm 32 and have been suffering from tiredness for as long as I can remember. I struggle getting to sleep and will sleep in if I can. I will nap throughout the day if I am not at work. I'm sure it's getting worse. For example I got up this morning about 8.30 took the dog out for a walk ate breakfast, came back and then felt tired again. Had a nap about 4 as I could not keep my eyes open. I'm off work and on holiday (although just at home) so I shouldn't be tired.

My periods are doing Funny things- irregular, still once a month but varying on when they came when they were always every 28 days previously. I've also had nausea and sickness around the time of my period. I get especially tired around my period, I have to go to bed. I've had lots of blood tests. My Gp said one came back with a higher hormone but didn't really explain it properly.

I also have an unexplained pain deep in my hip which I've had for about 7/8 years.

I get aches and pains frequently, especially in my hands/ knee and back.

I am also trying for a baby with no success and have been referred to fertility..

Any advice welcome

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You need to have your thyroid tested and get a copy of the results, post them on thyroiduk forum for advice. Don't accept "normal result" from your GP as most know very little about thyroid diseases and even less about diagnosing and treating. If you have been referred to a fertility clinic hopefully they will also do the tests as thyroid problems cause infertility and problems in pregnancy.

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Thank you for your reply.

I will ask for one. Is a thyroid test just done via blood?


Yep you need TSH, T4, T3 and antibodies. If your GP won't do them you can buy from Medichecks a kit to do a finger prick test at home which you then send back to them to test.

Good luck


I didn't know that! Thank you


Hello, is it worth buying the advances tests that test vitamin b12 etc and the t3r?


Hi Bluebell,

I have extreme fatigue caused by low IGGs, found out through a blood test. I've been waiting 1 1/2 years to see a hematologist. My appointment is in November. And I also have migraines and was asked to stop taking propranolol and topamax. I'm hoping to see a neurologist. That has not helped. I live in Canada. Best wishes to you, hope you find some help.


Hi There,

Tiredness can have many causes, including anxiety, depression, medication, poor sleep and poor diet. You need a complete mediclal exam with a gp and a psychiatrist to get to the bottom of your tiredness.

I also have had tiredness for years. However with the help of my doctors It has improved quite a bit, and I lead a resonably normal life This can be true for you as well but you do need professional help.

Your friend,


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Just to say I have chronic fatigue syndrome I had all tests done at doctors for thyroid etc they were ok then they diagnosed that, only after eliminating others.


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