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Worried sick


Hi there, we'll we're do I start I'm out my mind with worry. My problems started back a year ago when I was pregnant blood clots and period type pains. Since having baby in January the pains come and go everyday from waist down radiating throuout my body on and off all day. I've also been skipping period, after been thobbed of for so long I had a blood test for ovarian screening which has come back abnormal. I had an ultrasound scan back in march which couldn't see anything on my overies but they did see a shadow on my liver. I am awaiting another ultrasound I am so scared out my mind and have four kids. I need some possitivity right now to try get by this hard time I have already prepared for the worst. Much love to all xxx

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So glad to hear everyone's doing so well! Sunny skies, I can't believe you still don't know the sex?! I would go back every day until they told me! Ha ha. Things here are good, I've put on a lot of weight, (like 25lbs) but it looks to be mostly in my belly and my boobs. I swear I look 30 weeks pregnant, but I'm just 24 weeks pregnant today. My belly is definitely round. We are having a really fun summer as well, but the heat wipes me out just like it does all of you. This baby girl is waking me up kicking in the morning about 20 minutes before I need to wake up, and although I'm still tired, I can't sleep because I'm smiling at her little kicks and nudges. My son just turned four recently and he has loved feeling the baby kick. The first time he did was at his bedtime about three weeks ago, and the next morning he came running downstairs and asked to speak to her, so I lifted up my shirt (and he thinks my bellybutton is a microphone into her,) and he asked her if she remembered him from the night before when she kicked his hand. It melted my heart. My daughter is certain she's growing a baby in her belly too. Ha ha.

Secrets come out -- not to mention the increasingly easy availability of DNA and ancestry testing. There are mounds and mounds of research as well as personal reports from donor children and adoptees that the most traumatic thing is either accidentally finding out or suddenly being sat down and told what was kept a secret from them (and then suddenly all trust is lost). Children who grow up simply having their origins as part of their story, generally grow up well-adjusted and thriving, it just comes down to parenting.

Star - First thank you for organizing and updating this thread!! I think I missed the go-to phrase to your husband, what did you say? I think we will find out the gender!!


Its Sad that your are suffering from this problem. The period pain or cramps are the worst thing. Missing your menstrual is sometime normal after delivery, it will settle down within 2-3 months. My sister is also suffering from this problem after delivery. Her periods are disturbed after delivery, but everything get settle down after 2-3 months. But as you suffering from another problem. You must taken care of yourself by maintaining your diet and by making few changes in your lifestyle. For cure pain you need to have balanced diet, mild exercise and some medication. You are mother of 4 children, you have to taken care of yourself well to take care of them. As you are about to have another ultrasound, keep calm and try to be distressed. There is no need to worry, tension or stress make things worse for you, spend alot of time with your children and try to be happy.

Good Luck

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