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Severe headaches during peri menopause

Hello all. I am going through my peri menopause with all the 'normal' symptoms including very bad headaches that last for 3-4 days. Pain killers do not touch the pain and it's starting to impact on my daily life and sleep patterns. I am taking Menopause and trying to be as healthy as possible with my eating and drinking habits. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce or even get rid of these? They always happen at the time my period should take place, I say should because these are so irregular now. Any help would be appreciated.

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It sounds like it could be migraine. I would go to your GP. There are acute treatment e.g. Triptans or if they are regular preventive treatment can be tried. Normal headache is not 3-4 days long. Have a look at the symptoms of migraine. Not everyone has aura and nausea. I have nausea only occasionally with mine.

Sounds like hormones are responsible for them.

It may not be migraine but sound like it to me.

Best wishes 💗


Drinking plenty of water, rest, trying to eat well will help.

Fresh ginger can help in tea or food like a curry.

I take evening primrose oil, 2000mg a day for mine. Plus a multi vitamin/mineral for women.

I have recently been put on topiramate for my migraines.


Hi Lisa

I had exactly the same as you always around my periods. Nothing touched them until I started bio identical hrt. Now my moods are more stable and no more migraines. Perhaps ask to have your hormones checked?


Thank you everyone for your help and advice.


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