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Period pain with no period


I'm almost 51 and on the mini pill. I have agonising period pain -like cramps. My GPS prescribed Mefenamic Acid last year but it's not helping. I have hot flushes but no idea if I should stop the pill to see if it helps the pain and struggling to get a GP appointment. Had a scan last year which was clear and suggested it was my age!

Any suggestions welcome!

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I read somewhere that the SNRI antidepressant venlafaxine is used for hot flashes, it may help with the pain too. But of course with antidepressant meds there may be undesirable side effects.

Have you tried cocodamol for the pains or tramadol? I use mefenamic acid but don't find much use, it helps for my hip and lower back ache but not the acute cramping, this I need Tramadol, only for a day or two.

My periods are getting worse the older I get.

Possibly trying another pill may help? A low dose one like micronor.

Best wishes 💗


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