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Period pain

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Hi Everyone, I came off the pill two months ago and I'm currently on my second natural period post pill. The good news is my cycle has been the same length it was pre-pill however, the pain is so bad. I've noted that the cramping is also worse on the right side and I'm wondering is this normal (whilst on the pill i had virtually no period pains at all, i was on it for eight years and before that my pains were pretty central). Am I right to be worried that the pain is so much worse on one side compared to the other or am I over thinking it? For reference I am 26 and don't have any children nor have I been trying for a baby so don't know if I have any other conditions e.g . Endometriosis ect. Thank you for any advice!

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It's not uncommon for periods to be more painful post pill.

The period you tend to have on the pill, isn't usually a real period - you don't ovulate or shed your uterine lining in the way you do with a real period, which is why it's lighter and less painful.

I heard a recommendation once to try a prenatal vitamin after you come off the pill, as it helps balance your hormones out again.

Personally I find magnesium really helps the pain, and I also take something with a bit of ginger in it in the week before my period (I know that sounds daft, but it really does help!)

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Sar94 in reply to Cooper27

Thank you for your advice, i expected it to be more painful but not as bad as it is, is it normal for the pain to be worse on one side of the abdomen though? It's cramp like but i also have a slight heat/burning sensation as well as the cramping.

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I tend to feel it worse on one side than the other. I'm not sure why that is though. It switches sides from month to month.

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Sar94 in reply to Cooper27

Thank you that's quite reassuring to know I'm not the only one!

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toastkid in reply to Cooper27

You alternate which ovary you ovulate from each month! The pain may be related to that. Maybe it's painful on the side you ovulate from? I'm not sure, but I didn't know that you alternate between the two until recently.

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Cooper27 in reply to toastkid

Yeah, that was always my assumption but I'm not too sure.

It helps to burn a flower for a period of time (but I don't know if I can write about it here, because it's not legal everywhere). It really helps me.

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