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Implant removal

Just thought I'd post a little something g about my experience of my nexplanon removal for all the ladies/young girls who are worried about having theirs taken out.

So I'm not the kind of person to be scared by needles so I was okay to begin with, so I'm just here to reassure. It was 100% fine! You literally only feel the numbing injection and that's it!

I found it helpful to watch YouTube videos so I know what's going on, did the same with my laparoscopy surgery too. Although a lot of the Ines on YouTube made it look a lot more difficult than it actually was!

It took longer to do the prior information checks and get the cleaning bits out than the actual removal! I've got a 1/2 centimetre cut with 3 stern strips to help hold it together. It doesn't hurt afterwards for me, my skin around the area is sensitive to touch but doesn't hurt.

I hope this helps some people! Xxx

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I had my implanon removed 6 years ago and it was fine. Actually, insertion and removal was fine.

Like you, the sting for the anaesthetic was the worst part.

Don't worry ladies, it's all fine.

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