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Post menopausal cramping and vaginal spotting. Could I have Menorrhagia?

Hi I'm 40 years of age and have been on HRT for around 3 years now. I lost one ovary at the age of 17 and the other (plus my fallopian tube) when I was 37 both because of twisted ovarian cysts.

Since then I've suffered with period type cramping pains one week in almost every month. I've never mentioned this to my G.P. as I thought I was imagining this cramping pain as I have no ovaries. However a couple of days ago I started getting the period type cramps again but this time I noticed a tiny amount of watery vaginal blood (a minuscule amount actually) after going to the toilet. It also hurt urinating the last time I went.

Has anyone else had these symptoms and if you have does it sound like Menorrhagia or something else? Thank you.

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