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First period, spotting, or infection?

My daughter is in the range for when she should get her first period.

Two days or so ago, she saw a bright red dot of blood in her underwear. I'm really confused about it.

I thought it might be spotting, but it was only one drop of blood. A small one at that, less than half the size of a dime.

Me and her are positive it was blood, and we're both positive it couldn't have been from a shaving cut, since she hasn't shaved before that happened.

I want to call it spotting, but it's only a small drop of blood.. could it still be spotting?

Or is this not spotting at all? Was it her first period?

I also bring up the word "infection" because it could be that too, but she has no infection symptoms.

Can someone please help me? I can't find any articles on it anywhere, and it's making me pretty anxious!

P.S. She has had all symptoms of her period coming. She is having cramps and so on.

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Spotting is called spotting just because it is spots of blood, just like the one you describe. I wouldn't worry at all, just try to make sure she gets lots of exercise and fresh air and carries on with normal activities so that she doesn't get the impression that periods are something to be feared.

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