Vaginal Dryness

Along with my other issues im having a painful time during intercourse and feeling almost like something is blocking.This may be to do with my expanding inner uterine lining. I get so dry,,i use replens but it does not do much. Sometimes its not as bad. Does anyone else have this problem to a degree during or after Menopause??. Also Vaginal odour at times?.

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  • Vaginal dryness is common in menopause. What is your age? Have you tried using jell or and lubricant?


  • I use Replens and lube,,but seem to need so much lube. Doc says when ive sorted my procedure out for womb she will prescribe pessaries maybe. Not anything hormonal I don't think.

  • You may need a vaginal oestrogen cream.

  • Try coconut oil as a safe lubricant

  • Ohhhh never thought you could use that,,i have a passion for Cocunut. Does it not sting???.Sounds good though.

  • I think you should consult your doctor once, you can do lubrication and also go for estrogen therapy.

  • Yes she said we are going to sort my hospital procedure out then she will give me something for lubrication after that's been done.

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