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Scan Again

Hi here again,,hi to everyone!!.

Been to have another scan to see if Polyp had grown or anything changed. They told me my uterine lining has thickened further in six months. They could not tell me about the state of the Polyp. After refusing to have the last op to have the polyp removed and test womb lining i dont know what to do know. Has anyone else been in this situation when they have refused one operation and then found womb lining has thickened??.Is it ok to still leave things as they are as long as theres nothing else suspect???. If menopause is over i just would have thought things in the lining would have shrunk away or dried up so to speak!. Im just in frame of mind of shutting it away as i dont want to think about it. Ive had no pain or any symptoms at all and feel well!. Any advice from anyone whose had this situation please??. Thanks

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Who did the scan, was it a doctor? What did they say about the thickening of the womb lining? And why did they say they couldn't give any info on the polyp? Was the scan unclear or what? might be worth getting a second opinion on the scan results. i also would assume that the womb lining does dry up after menopause. I don't think lack of pain is a guarantee that all is well but if whoever did the scan didn't recommend any particular action then you can probably trust that.


Hi Smackee,, I had another Transvaginal scan at the hospital first like i had last time. After last time and not having the op i asked to have it checked in 6 months. The thickening has gone from 14mm to 17mm. I dont think they can actually see the Polyp clearly now as its grown(womb lining), and keeps growing. I asked doctor if it would stop or shrivel or dry but she says its whats under it what they want to check. It should not keep growing the doctor said but its not uncommon. So she wants me to still go and have the Hysteroscopy that i was meant to have.Got to see doc again on Monday.


Good luck with that. just wondering why you don't or didn't want to follow doctor's recommendations? what is a hysteroscopy? a camera into the womb?


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