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First appointment done 😊

Hi all, finally had my appointment at the fertility clinic. Hubby is away for work. All went well as its the usual standard questions asked. My next step is to have HyCoSy done (dye put through fallopian tubes). Im going away next week. Need a break with everything going on. How soon do you have to have the dye test done as i need to work around my husbands work schedule wih him always out of the country

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Hi hun I had to wait 6 months for mine to come through but I'm sure everywhere is different for waiting lists! Is it a laparoscopy your having? xx


Hi Tw1986 sorry for late reply as ive had so much going on. Im waiting to have a HyCoSy which is the dye test. I was away so missd out last month. Waiting for af to arrive so i can have the test done. Have been keeping busy so i dont think about 👶🏻 But today i bumped into a friend of mine and she told me that shes pregnant. Very happy for her but it has made me feel very down as to why its taking so long for me ☹️


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