Stretch marks

Hi guys

I have a major problems with stretch marks this time 2 years ago i weighed 4 stone and suffered for anoxreia and i met this amazing guy and he helped me through it and now im 13 stone and i love my weight but i feel like i embarrass him by having these stretcg marks ive tried everything to get rid of them, im embarrassed to wear short sleeved tios as i have them all over my arms on the inside, on my boobs, on my side, on my belly and my thighs.

I dont want to change my weight i just want to reduce the purply/ red colour of my stretch marks

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  • I have stretch marks too because of the weight fluctuations that happen with endometriosis, their essentially scar tissue and since I had cystic acne I had a lot of acne scars and the only thing that's helped them go away was CeraVe, it contains proteins that rebuild skin.

    You could also go to a dermatologist and ask them for a percription 'rosiver' which works as a chemical peel.

  • Where can you buy CeraVe?

  • Any drug store

  • I've heard people use bio oil which you can get in boots which is apparently good but I've not used that I only have some small stretch marks thankfully. Might be of help to you though?

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