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Late Period!!!

Okay, so my period is a week late today.I have white discharge, but that's normal for me, so I don't think anything of it.My period usually always comes at the very last day of the month and goes into the next month.Then I'll have it again at the end of the month.During spring break, I went with my boyfriend and his family to Tennessee.My period was supposed to come on March 31st, but it was one day late and came April 1st.Well, my period only came at the beginning of May and still hasn't came.My boyfriend and I always use protection and can always feel if it breaks, which it hasn't broke in a while, and I've had my period since it broke.I'm really starting to worry about pregnancy, maybe?I've also been reading that there's a lot of things that can cause a missed period, like change in sleep.Is it (highly) possible that my period hasn't come yet because of change in sleep.School just ended, meaning I'm staying up later and sleeping in later.My boyfriend is also starting to worry and even asked me, today, if I've bought a pregnancy test.Please, could someone please help me with this?I'm going to buy a test soon, but I can't sleep thinking that it could be pregnancy.I really just hope it's a change in my routine?

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You really need to get a EPT for any type of peace of mind. If you are pregnant, it should more than likely show a positive result. Stress can make your period late, but if you are of child bearing age you really need to test. If your period hasn't come by now, there's a probable chance your pregnant. There are lots of places out there that can offer you a free test, you just need to look around.


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