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Severe cramps and heavy bleeding, never had this before

For about 3 days now I've had severe cramps, like period cramps, and extremely heavy bleeding. I've never suffered with period pains at all. I've recently started taking the combined pill and it's all been fine until now. This is my first bleed since I started taking it - but I started bleeding before I finished the 3rd row!!

It's really heavy and the other day a grey kind of tissue came out - it was quite big. I haven't had any big clots, but a few small ones.

Before the bad pains appeared I had slighter pains for about a week.

What could it be?

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Think I may have had something similar many years ago. What age are you? I should have thought that by that time the pill would have started settling with your hormones but taking the pill can actually affect the natural hormones which I didn't learn till recently after being on it most of my adult life. Anyway my suggestion would be to go to the doctor to have a chat just to make sure everything's ok 👍☺ love and prayers x


The grey tissue is concerning me. The only time I've ever experienced this was during my first miscarriage. I would see a gp asap, or get yourself to a&e xx

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