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Cyst? Now swollen tube ?

After an ultrasound it was thought I had an ovarian cyst. I went to see a gyne yesterday and he said I haven't. One of the tubes lead-in to my overy is swollen at the end. He reassured me and said it was fine to leave it alone. Today, as I was looking at my news feed on Facebook I saw a post saying how inflammation increases the chance of cancer !!! Now I am worried ! He didn't mention anything about inflammation? And thinking , if it is swollen, does it mean it's inflamed ? And if so why didn't he give me anti inflammatory tablets? My mum says she has a swelling on her knee but it isn't inflamed ? I am probably panicked because I have health anxiety ,so would appreciate some reassuring words and would be interested if anyone else has had this ?

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Hi Larrisa 😊

A Gynaecologist is experienced, and should have been able to reassure you with his findings. But, then you went on to take notice of something you read on Facebook?

If you can't get an appointment to see the Gynaecologist again, it might be best to see your GP, who could go through the findings again with you, answer troubling questions and hopefully put your mind at rest 🙂 This might be the best course of action, otherwise this doubt is just going to niggle away at you. 😊xB


According to Facebook EVERYTHING gives you cancer. Anti inflammatory pills are hard on the stomach so maybe that's why they weren't prescribed. Keep in touch with your specialist, ask him if they would help. Are you in pain ? I would understand inflamed to be red and sore but swollen just means puffy.


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