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I've had a little problem the past couple months it hurts a little when me and my bf have sex I do itch as well and that's really the only symptoms I have I think it's a yeast infection but it freaks me out causes my anxiety to be worse I don't have money for the Dr or anything no free clinics around here anybody had them before to tell me what to expect if that's what it is or idk just help me please

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You can use natural yoghurt if it is a yeast infection it should clear up on a day or two


Could that be what it is


Yes hun if you're itching and sore it's most lightly to be a yeast at infection


Thank u I know there's a test called monistat test or something it's supposed to detect if it's a yeast or if it's abnormal or something but I appreciate u taking the time to talk to me it's caused me to have panic attacks and everything cause I have severe anxiety so I always worry something is wrong with me

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If you live in the Uk then sexual health clinics are free to attend regardless of your circumstances as it is an aspect of public health if you want to be seen then google the nearest sexual health clinic to where you are, they have services to suit different needs. Speculation and guessing in sexual health is wrong as some conditions have similar symptoms. Asking other people what you could have without having proper tests will give you only wrong answers like I said two people may have exactly the same symptoms but when they suffer from different conditions e.g thrush and BV could have similar symptoms. Hope that helps 😊


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