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Harassment at work?

Hi I am new here. I'm a 30 year old female and I work as a careworker in my local area. I have 3 regular clients and I do lots of cover for colleagues on a short-term basis.

I get on very well with this particular client. He lost his wife a few months ago and during my last visit with her I got in more shopping for them for stuff that was running low. I served her dinner in bed as she was too unwell to get up. Both of them were really grateful for my help and since then the family have asked specifically for me. So my client now lives on his own and we have our own banter going on etc.

Tonight I was helping him get ready for bed (he has had quite a few falls at home whilst getting ready for bed and so it was included in his care plan to help him dress for bed in case he fell again) and he said I was lovely. We hugged a few times and he then squeezed my bum. I felt very uncomfortable and didn't know where to look. I couldn't even look at him in the eyes and I feel awful for letting this happen. He's a nice enough bloke but is this something I need to report? I have a feeling that by telling my supervisors it'll mean my service with him might stop and he might think I'm being unfair.

Is there any reason why I feel like this? I feel as though I've invited the behaviour because I'm slim and look young for my age. My boyfriend and family are now angry since I've told them and I wish I hadn't said anything. :(

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You need to report it of course. And let your supervisor know how you feel. Maybe your supervisor could send you and another work member when dealing with that client if you don't want your service to stop with that client.


Hi there Sunflower87. I have spoken to my supervisor and I also spoke to a junior member of staff who I can mention things like this to.

My supervisor arranged my other shifts so that I could catch up with my sleep. I spoke to the junior member of staff who said:

My supervisor is just as shocked as I am about what happened because he had never done anything like this before.

The client's family have been informed and his son is coming down to speak to him today.

I have to come in to the office tomorrow about what has been said/done.

I have now caught up with my sleep. :)

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Its a shame when things like this happen. He is probably just lonely and isolated after his wifes death and as you are there and in close contact he probably misguidedly took your 'friendship' for a bit more.

But yes it needed reporting so that you can once again feel relaxed enough to carry on working, not necessarily for him but in the same enviroment, because the last thing you want is to always be wondering if the next client is going to put you in the same situation.

But it seems you are working for someone who is actually prepared to listen to you and act on it and help you.


Always report it to keep yourself safe, especially when you are working on your own. Even though you have a good relationship, it is important to keep things proffessional and you have to protect yourself. Maybe he is lonely, but make sure you put boundaries in place, maybe work with 2 people or let someone else take over for a while.

Good luck


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