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Period Issue

Hi All,

I have always had a very regular period (to the day actually).

Last Monday (12th October) i had sex which was a little rough and noticed a bit of spotting after. The spotting continued for 2 days at a brownish colour. Wednesday the 14th the bleeding became really heavy with clotting and has not stopped (we are now the 21st October).

I have been to the doctor and she has taken a blood test to rule out pregnancy or miscarriage and to check on my hormones which all are in the clear. She wants to preform a papsmear but needs to wait until the bleeding stops.

My regular period is due to start today and i feel like i am having the normal effects of cramping.

Has anyone every experienced anything like this i am starting to get extremely worried and my doctor is not really the most helpful person in the world.

Thank you.

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Hi, I just saw your post and wanted check on you. What happened with your pap? Did the bleeding stop?

I haven't experienced this but I specialize in period-related problems and saw no one replied to you yet. I hope you're doing ok!


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