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Period is baffling

My doctor told me to stop my pill (cerelle) for a month because I had very swollen feet. I went off the pill for a month, no change so went back on it. I didn't have a period the entire month. I'm now entering the third week of taking the pill and all of a sudden, I've got a period.

It's really heavy when I pee and there is bleeding on my tampon, but all the heavy bleeding is when I pee as well as walking. If I sit still for awhile, the period stops and the first thing in the morning, I have no bleeding at all until I get to work and go the toilet and it's like the flood gates have opened.

The doctor has told me it's my body getting use to having the pill again and it should settle by tomorrow and if it doesn't I have to call them again but I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience and what happened? Thanks

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