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10 days late...should I be testing?

Hi ..I am currently 10 days late. I think I am irregular ..well my cycles are 32 days....when I was expecting my period I had no symptoms when usually I have either mild cramps or sore breast. After I noticed it didn't arrive ..2 days after my date expected I experienced light cramping and light headed feeling. My breast felt tender and sensitive. For 3 days I felt this...I currently feel bloated..I want to say I am not pregnant but I really cant say. My husband and I use no protection..we use the withdraw method. Should I ignore these symptoms and maybe rule in I might of over stressed this month. Just to also add in I never go a month without missing a period. Thanks!

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Hi sarai37, if you are not using protection maybe worth buying a pharmacy test! How do you feel about the idea of being pregnant?


I bought one..took it in the morning and negative results...i dont think i am. Right ? Should i wait another week to re test


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