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6 weeks and experiencing cramping

I'm six weeks pregnant and I've been experiencing sharp pains in my lower abdomen and back. It started last night and kept me up but eventually got better. But today it's been the same for the past 2-3 hours. My pelvic/hip/upper thigh area has been sore as well, but I haven't experienced any spotting or bleeding. I've had a miscarriage before and the pain feels very similar but again no bleeding, and I never felt pain like this in my first trimester with my son.

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Hi :-)

Bearing down spasms took me completely by surprise, I was on a bus,

and then had a long walk home. I was further shocked by the sensation

of wanting to push, and then the inevitable happened.

Prior to this I'd had no pain, spotting etc.

It's early days with your pregnancy, a chat with your GP or practice nurse

would be worthwhile if you continue to experience pain, extreme pain in the

area you describe, might be caused by an ectopic pregnancy.

Definitely get it checked out if the pain continues,

Best wishes xB

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