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10 weeks late period, neg hpt, could I be pregnant finally?

I am now at week 10 since my last menstrual period and getting negative hpt's , I had brown discharge at week 6 (very minute no pad as only when wiped which lasted a few days) and since week 7 and a couple of days I started getting sulphur burps and gas on and off, nausea, light cramping. headaches backaches, 8 weeks more nausea to a point I can eat toast safely but not much else. My sense of smell has increased and my tolerence for strong odours is poorer than usual, I have a feeling of increased pressure/fullness since week 8 also. Have done 4 hpt each one negative have been to gp who instantly ruled out pregnanacy with no tests or exams (in and out sort of gp) but offered no explanation apart from saying if I dont start a period the next week text again. :/ I know there are some women who the hormone level is not high enough to detect even at month 5 and they are pregnant so I am at a loss now what to think. I would dearly love a child and am trying so hard not to get my and my hubbies hopes up but I feel something is different in my heart of hearts its weird but I just think I am ...Anyone else in this situation or has been in this situation that could offer any advice please. going out of my mind... P.s my cycles have always been regular as clockwork since I was 12.

Do I dare to dream .....

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Well I am sad to say that after 11 weeks and 6 days of no periods mother nature decided to visit, gutted to say the least and still cant get an explanation for nearly three months without a period. All tests were ok, no stress etc no reason for this to have happened so now just got to get practicing again i guess ;)


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