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Sweat then cold

My Hair is not soaked, but I get like a hot flash and turn fan on then 2-3 minutes later I am cold and shut fan off. I went through menopause 10 years ago at age 46. I drink tons of water. I am not sure what RA would have to do with it? I do have joint inflammation but have not gone to a Specialist as I have Bursitis and tendinitis, did not think RA. I am on 2 medications that I have been on for 20 years that do not have those side effects.I had a spell walking in the sun and had to sit down. My heart is fine, no fast paced heart beat or pain. I figure it is Menopause related. I am not sure taking Hormonal Therapy is a good idea. Anyone figure out what, why and how to get this under control?

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Hi impulsive57, I am sorry you are having all those symptoms!

My mom had horrible temperature changes as well. She could not take hormonal therapy because she is a former cancer warrior. So she tried many complementary therapies, like flaxseed and herbal products - even though there is little scientific evidence for improving symptoms of the menopause...

Here is a page with more info: bupa.co.uk/individuals/heal...


Thank You!


The Link you gave me mainly talks about going through Menopause. I went through it 11 years ago at age 46. Currently I am getting hot flashes again. Maybe more change. I need to find something that I can take on a regular basis. It is driving me nuts.


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