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Anyone tried beta blockers for palpitations etc?

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I was taken off HRT in 2008, and the hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations and sleepless nights started all over again. My days are a lot better now, but ... oh, the nights... I wake very hot sudden;t and with a racing heart about every 1 to 2 hours. I haven't had a proper night's sleep for 9 years. And I've had enough! I'm desperate for some decent sleep.

I've tried SO many alternatives, but nothing works. The heat always wins. The GP gave me Citalopram, but my heart raced for 12 hours so I was told not to take any more. I've tried Clonidine for 4 months, but I don't think it's really doing anything.

20 years ago I had beta blockers when my thyroid was overactive. I think I read somewhere that you can try this for menopause symptoms like mine Has anyone heard of this? Or has anyone tried them?

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry I can't help. I've been on hrt for too long! Very reluctant to stop especially as my thyroid issues are not resolved. Are you taking vit D? This gave me awful insomnia - just a thought. Good luck 😊

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Thanks. I wish I could be on HRT again, but I can't. I'm only on thyroid meds now, T4 & T3, and feel way better than I did a couple of years ago. But the nights are still as bad, and I'm sure the lack of decent sleep is affecting me in several ways.

Seeing the GP later today, so will ask if any other alternatives. Maybe I'll get proper sleep when I'm 85 !!

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Hi Tara,

Have you tried sage ?

Best wishes .

Hi. Yes I have tried sage! And everything else I can think of, over the years. GP has given me fluoxetine to try but I haven't started them yet, as I'm very worried about the side effects in the leaflet. She did say that beta blockers may be worth a try, so I'm still wondering about them. Not much fun with no proper sleep for 9 years now! :-(

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amala57 in reply to TaraJR

This sound like it could be an adrenal problem. I am still on hrt but my adrenals are playing up and every night I wake with hot sweats and a racing heart. Just a thought?

When I started adding t3 to my t4 my adrenal problems began. It could be a rt3 problem. STTM has a lot of info on this. PM me if you want my experience and you think it might be relevant.

Thanks, Actually I am looking into this, as just done Cortisol saliva test, and it showed very high cortisol at night. I see the endo again next week, so will be pushing for answers.

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amala57 in reply to TaraJR

I have the same. The trouble is that they don't test rt3 on nhs. I did private test and rt3 was very top of range. T4 over time causes rt3. So body can't use good t3. Drs in uk don't recognise this. Good luck.😊

P.S. and because the rt3 stops your uptake of t3 it pushes cortisol levels up. You often only see this after starting t3 or ndt. For me it started 8 wees after starting t4/t3 combo.

This is really helpful and interesting. I was so very ill for 2 years, after being quite good on T4 for 25 years. Then i had awful blood sugar crashes, and was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. When i finally went onto T3, all those hypoglycemia symptoms vanished. Think i was less hot etc too. Endo told me to add T4 back in and decrease my T3. I know I've got worse again now. So i think has rt3 then. Maybe again now. It's all so entwined....

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amala57 in reply to TaraJR

It is really complex. I've been really ill. I realize I can't take t4 any more. I've had to cut it to 25mcg and am adding t3 back in slowly. You have to let the rt3 clear. I thought I was going to die. Heart rate over 100. Blood pressure high for the first time in my life. So ill I couldn't move or eat without my pulse going mad. Couldn't sleep either. Like being really hyper but actually being hypo. Adrenals and not optimal iron. I was advised by FTPO UK site to reduce my t4 to minimum 25mcg. After 3 days I am feeling better. Not 100% but I can go to work. I realise that I have to get iron up B12 up and adrenals healed before I can benefit from t3. I personally am going to go the ndt route. I have ordered some. I would recommend you join the FTPO UK group. (For thyroid patients only) it's the uk stop the thyroid madness group. Lots of information.

My endo hopeless. Left message with his secretary my gp has contacted him and he hasn't got back to me. I honestly have never been so ill. T3 and NDT reveal the underlying problems. I hope you get sorted. 😊

Why no more HRT????

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