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Weight loss Diet and Tea


Lovely stuff to: Over the last 8 years i have spends a lot to try and get rid of the excess weight. I have been successful with diet, exercise and all sorts of pills. But within 4 months after this programs the weight is back and i have to begin from square one. Its had been a frustrating roller coaster and i considered liposuction but i kept putting it off because i knew i can loose weight, i had done it before. In April of this year i decided to begin an extreme diet plan. I went from 195lbs to 145lbs in 4 months and i have ever since maintained this weight for the longest time in 8 years. All this thanks to two unbeatable products. I am excited about 2016...

This year i archived success with 2 great products.

1- iasotea from a great product that i still use to date because of its dual benefits.

2- 3 week diet plan

Please note i am just sharing to help other people out there. I wish you all a happy new year. I will give you more information on my journey to weight loss and exciting products i have used those that worked and those that did not. From Garcinia Cambogia, to Hoodia, and a lot more.

Inbox me for more on what i used.

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Sorry, just don't buy 'miracle cures' that offer the solutions to life's problems via herbal supplements (raspberry ketones anyone?) etc.

Unless you can furnish double blind, randomised trials - the gold standard of research - then your particular circumstance and results are merely N=1, anecdotal and offer nothing more than false hope.

What you are presenting is the easy road to health and there is no such pathway.

iasoo in reply to MikePollard

I can't deny what you are saying, but is very easy to generalize and i can't blame anyone for doing so. There are thousands of people and products taking advantage of others and selling them products that work. What i shared was my personal experience and it might work for others or i might not. But the truth remains you will never know till you try.

Weight ultimately is a topic of calorie input vs calorie burned. But most people have been through all that and still did not loose weight. People have to understand that there is more to it than just calories, There are hormones, there is your immune system, there are parasites. For me, if something does not harm you and it can keep the weight off, do what you have to do. The consequences of obesity ( Strokes, Heart attacks, Hypertension, Diabetes are not funny). The cost of medications to treat all this are not funny.

Diet and exercise is your best bet. But again these 2 things are a good kick starter that may help you boost your moral by loosing the initial pounds. Read about them. Take my words with a grain of salt, but what ever you have to do, prevention is the best form of health, keep the extra fat away.

What was the product called

iaso tea, Nutriburst, resolution drops and the 3 week diet

You sound just like me, up and down,getting heavier or lighter.I have just about tried it all,decided on one pound a week for a year,lost 3 stone,gave up smoking and put on 2 .7 pounds.

What worked for me not buying anything like cake ect, if I wanted it I had to go and get it.I ate 5 times a day,I find this difficult,but about every 3/4 hours I ate something,even breakfast,i invented low cal dishes, never bought a joint,except chicken,

If I wanted a sweet I bought kids sweets the smallest packet I could get,or shared something with my husband.

Yes he went from a 42 waist to a 36,yes some has gone back on.

My saving grace was french fries from Aldi 15 grms 65 cals,eaten at 3.30 ish,My evening treat was sugar free jelly mixed with a low fat yogurt,about 50 cals,looks like a moose,and quite sweet.About 8 ish.

Breakfast was 2 weetabix,water splash of milk,lunch was home made soup or salad,around 200 cals,Dinner was loads of veg in some form or other,with meat or fish at 200 cals,total always about 400 cals.

During that time I used MY PLATE,it is free,you input what you have eaten ,this then tells you you total cals, fat,colestrol,fibre,protein sugar carbs,a brilliant tool.

I learnt that mashed cauliflower tastes like potatoes,blind tested the family they never knew,it was only cauliflower,The HARDEST thing was making myself eat,every 3 to 4 hours,this worked, but was very very hard for me to do.I tend to make the same mistake go far to long without eating.

Yes I can do it,but I suspect most of us repeat the pattern,up and down,well i do,

I look foward to you tips,will have a look at tea.In many years of trying,I have found calories being counted work,eat often small amounts,fool the body and eat out about once a fortnight,but be realistic in reducing cals b4 and after going out for a meal.

regards C

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