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Why am I not losing inches around my waist despite exercising and eating healthy?

Hi, I'm a 32 year years old female, weighing 52 kgs and my height is 5'1. I have fat accumulated around my waist and thighs and is trying to lose weight from past one year. I do half an hour on stationary bike everyday, plus i walk for an hour. I eat healthy and do not take junk food. But I'm unable to lose weight at all. In fact my body measurements are the same like last years. Here's a list of thing I do:

1. drink water after waking up

2. drinks lots of water throughout the day

3. avoid junk

4. eat fruits and take milk

5. eat nuts everyday

6. take dinner before 8

7. i never skip meals

8. i always take breakfast

9. i don't starve

10. i stick to my daily calorie budget

Then why am i fat around the stomach?

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hi, ur sincere efforts has helped u in maintaining a normal body mass index! u could meet a physiotherapist and learn specific exercises. Meanwhile, continue ur daily schedule,weight loss takes time!


You should aim 2 kg per week. If you can’t diet control, work out and” beyond management weight loss tea” will supportive to achieve your goal. That means, organic tea for weight loss, exercise for health.


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