Need a weight loss buddy for Atkins & P90x in Bangalore

Hi :)

Like the title of the post says, need a weight loss buddy who is interested in following Atkins and P90x (or a similar workout routine). Preferably someone who is a working woman/man, needs to lose around 20-30 kgs and is seriously interested in losing weight and keeping it off by motivating each other, yelling when the wrong food is eaten and shouting when a workout is missed.

Please do let me know, I intend to start p90x on Monday.

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  • hii

    Even m tryin to lose 30 lets do it together.i am up for it.

  • Hey Sana, Sure we could try losing weight together. Do you have any experience with Atkins and p90x?

  • Hi Nyx1 and Sana,

    me too plan to start p90x next monday. hope to keep u posted. I have had some success losing weight this year. i was 85+kgs now around 71kgs. want to take it down to my goal weight around 64kgs. Good luck and keep in touch. Hope to keep each other motivated through this journey of health and fitness.

    but one thing i would say , from my limited success experience its not the workout but strict diet control that matters. Losing weight is 75% diet + 15% exercise and 10% consistency.

  • Hey Bluepebble:)

    Have you done p90x before? Where are you from?

  • hi i m very keen to start atkins but no idea how to go ahead.would love to join u

  • Hey Godrej, you can look up information on the atkins site :) It is basically a low carb diet. I already have one weight loss buddy :) I am sure you can also join us. We are going to be working out as well controlling our diets

  • Hey guys lemme too join

    Am desperate in losing weight but dis time I want to do it gradually unlike las time (I lost 10 kgs in 1.5. Months) as I gained back pretty soon.. I hav no idea bot Atkins or p90 can someone throw light

  • Hey Bluepebble:)

    Have you done p90x before? Where are you from?

  • I am from Bangalore. Could not start P90x before as i did not have enough free weights at home. now i have and hope to start next monday. whatever limited success , has come from regular cardio basically running 6k everyday.

  • :) thats awesome. Where in Bangalore are you from?

  • Hello Nyx1, I'd like to be a part of this too. Im from bangalore.

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