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Hi everyone!! i am 23 yr old guy . Till last 2&1/2 month i was 98 kgs .It started pain in my back when i used to sleep. More over i got problem of Sciatica nerve and i was in very much pain. I visited AIIMS but they have given me pain killers and asked for surgery. I decided to start doing yoga positions and some stretching . As a result after 2-3 weeks i can bear my pain and started jogging. After a period of 2 months i feel lighter and can run 2 kms on a stretch every morning. I haven't yet weigh myself but i feel i am getting better . :)

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Good luck! It is good to see that people are trying to reduce their weight by natural ways.


thanks buddy !! i am trying to reach in 70s and hopefully in 4-5 months i can achieve my goal!! :D


all d best dear...


thank you chiyalove!!

god bless u!!


over weight and try to loss weight?

avoided surgery. good.

stretching exercise very good.

jogging, seems good. but with this much weight will affect the ligaments at knee because of the impact, at the later age.

the best option is balanced nutrition with calorie management.

see my pm to your inbox.


thanks jockey!! :)


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