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Here I go..................again!


So after putting on 3 stone (basically of chocolate) in less than a year and the scales just short of 14 stone, the biggest i've ever been (even when pregnant) I'VE GOT to do something, i have 3 daughters and i want them to be healthy not think its normal to eat 7 chocolate bars a day. Other than chocolate I'm quite a good eater, so hopefully following this can be the last time i yo-yo.

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AussiebluesRestart October 2020

Do you think we could get chocolate banned lol you have strong motivation not just for yourself but your daughters too :-) congratulations on taking first step to regaining control, it takes time, for some of us longer than others ( don't mention Easter ;-) ) but just keep in mind you can do it, especially as you already know what to avoid.

Thank you :)

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